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The Three Stages of Launching a Rockin Webinar

by Robert on October 31, 2012

When planning a webinar, we all want to have one that will capture the attention of the right audience, keep them engaged and leave them with more knowledge on a particular topic.  With this in mind, here are three important stages for launching a webinar that will rock.

The first stage of the webinar, preparing the content, must be accomplished before it can even get off the ground.  So, the first step when preparing the content for your webinar is determining who your audience is.  Once you know who you will be presenting to, you can decide what objectives you would like to accomplish with your presentation.  This will make it easier to develop the outline, add visual support and finalize the perfect presentation, one that addresses the needs and interests of your audience.  Michael McCurry provides more great insight on the steps to developing webinar content in an article he posted in McCurry’s Corner.

So, now that you have your presentation ready, it’s time for stage two, getting the word out.  Write up a clear and concise invite telling people about your webinar, what valuable information they will receive and how to register.  Post announcements of your webinar on your blog and web site.  Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can be very helpful in getting the word out about your webinar.  Also, be sure to send reminders to your audience in the weeks and days leading up to your webinar.  Blogger Michelle Shaeffer provides more help on her blog with an article, 27 Ways to Promote Your Webinar.

The final stage is the effective execution and delivery of your webinar.  Your audience is ready and attendance is full, so grab their attention with a killer introduction.  If you accomplish this, you will have the audience right where you want them for the rest of the webinar.  Be sure to speak clearly and slowly.  Remember, you are trying to educate your audience, so you want to make sure everything you present is informative and easy to understand.  At the end of your webinar, leave your audience with a call to action explaining exactly what steps they should take next.  Must-See-Webinars provides great input with nine tips for webinar presenters.

Planning a webinar can be a difficult task to accomplish.  However, if you take on one stage of the process at a time and execute it thoroughly, you will be in a better position to launch a truly rockin webinar.


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ConferIndia November 16, 2012 at 1:15 am

These three stages of launching a success webinar is really mind blowing. Through this a successful webinar can be conducted.


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