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5 Tips for Hosting and Presenting Large-Scale Webinars

by Robert on September 18, 2012

When hosting large-scale webinars where you expect to have 500 or even over 1500 attendees, it’s important to keep a few things in mind.  Having such a large amount of people, your webinar essentially becomes a venue for one-to-many communication.  Like speaking at a large stadium, it can be difficult to have much interaction with your audience and keep them engaged.  With this in mind, here are five tips that can help keep your attendees interested and focused on your presentation.

  1. Expert Presenter – Whatever the subject, there are always professionals who work or have worked in that industry for a long time and can be considered experts on a particular topic.  Having an expert presenter assures the attendees that the person speaking can speak to the topic on a professional level and provide the pertinent information they are looking for.
  2. Expert Panel – It’s great to have an expert present during your webinar, but it’s even better to have several.  A panel of experts can provide different points of view on a topic, giving attendees valuable information on the subject from all angles.
  3. Polls – Another way to keep your attendees at a large webinar engaged is with a poll.  It’s a great way to get thoughts and opinions from your audience on a particular topic and it lets them know you care about what they think.
  4. Q&A – As with a webinar of any size, it’s always good to have a question and answer period at the end of the webinar.  A great way to handle this is to have attendees submit their questions through text chat, and the presenter or panel can address them as they come in.  Usually 10 to 15 minutes of Q&A helps insure that the majority of questions your audience is interested in getting answers to are addressed.
  5. Follow up – Like any webinar, it’s always a good idea to send a follow up thank you note to your attendees.  The note can also contain a link to the recording of your webinar, and perhaps information about a free offer or give away the presenter is providing to everyone who attended.

Pulling off a successful large-scale webinar can seem like an impossible task, and the size of your audience can be a little overwhelming.  However, don’t forget that you have the attention of a lot of people and if you can keep them engaged and interested in your presentation, you are on your way to a great webinar that could end up being a big boost for you and your business.

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