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Your InstantPresenter Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Answered!

by InstantPresenter on January 13, 2009

In our ever expanding InstantPresenter universe, we always try to keep our clients up on all the latest products and features. In the past, to help keep everyone informed, we launched the support number (1-800-706-6762), the support email address, the Blog, and now the Frequently Asked Questions. We spent numerous hours and tons of brain storming sessions to create a list of the most-asked questions. The FAQs can be found off our main home page under the support tab.

We researched years of questions asked of support and found we could break them down into seven categories: Getting started, How To, Features, Troubleshooting, Screen Sharing, Billing, and Technical. The purpose of the FAQs was to allow you to find an answer to your question without having to pick up the phone or writing an email. We understand you time is short and in demand so we want you to find answers fast. We feel that 90-95% of questions that come into support can be answered from the FAQs.

If you feel you have a question that should be on the FAQs, let us know. You can call us (1-800-706-6762) or contact us through the contact page on our website.

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