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Web Conferencing Survey Tool

by InstantPresenter on January 20, 2009

We recently added an extremely helpful feature in the Survey Tool. The survey tool allows you to receive feedback regarding your presentation and your performance. When you send out an invitation, you may attach a survey when you add a registration to an invitation. The survey is completely customizable with personally tailored questions, multiple-choice and fill-in answers. The survey also includes required and optional fields where you can determine which questions must be answered in order to complete the survey.

The survey can be launched immediately following the completion of your presentation. The attendees are sent to the survey URL as soon as you survey presentation is complete. The survey opens and asks the participant for their input. Upon completion of the survey you are emailed a confirmation of completion. You can view the completed surveys on your Account Manager page under Registrations. Click on View Surveys to see all completed surveys with responses.

If you would like a demo of the Survey Tool or to add it to your current plan, contact our sales department at 1-800-706-6762.

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