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We like to say yes – get to know these easy-to-use features

by InstantPresenter on November 17, 2009

Our goal is to make using our Web conferencing platform as easy as having a conversation. Even so, we know you might have some questions on how best to deliver presentations, interact with diverse audiences worldwide and put your best personal brand forward. Here, for your ease, we’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions about our features.


Q: Is InstantPresenter compatible with Mac users to attend online events Absolutely! You can attend or present any meeting or event using a Mac-based computer and either Safari or Firefox browser.


Q: Can we present with PowerPoint slides on InstantPresenter What about PDF’s Yes, you can use PowerPoint 2003 and PowerPoint 2007 slides. You not only can load PowerPoint presentations, you also can load PDF documents, Word documents and Excel spreadsheets. You even can conduct screen sharing to show online collaborators and audiences documents from your desktop.


Q: How do I change an attendee to a presenter during the presentation It s as simple as two clicks. First, click on the attendee s name and then on Make a Presenter. To allow this person to be the current speaker, and be able to control the slides, screen share and more, click on the presenter and click on Set as Current Speaker.


Q: How can I enlarge the video of the presenters To adjust the video feed screen size, click and drag the icon in the lower right-hand corner and stretch toward the right.


Q: Can I collect payments from invited participants with InstantPresenter Yes. You can turn your online content into a money-generating tool! With the PayPal feature, you can collect payments from participants for events with your merchant PayPal account. You can charge for live as well as recorded Webinars meaning you can make money from your presentations long after you delivered them.


Q: Are URL links active within slides for attendees viewing the presentation with InstantPresenter You bet. Links are active within the text chat module and slides of presentation module! A new browser window will open once the link is clicked. Attendees are able to return to the presentation without any interruptions.

These are just a few of the features we offer to make your experience with InstantPresenter as easy and productive as possible. As you can tell we like to say yes to you so let us know what other features you d like to see added to our platform. For a complete list of our FAQs, please visit our FAQ page on the Web site.

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