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Two Monitors are an Advantage for Webinar Presenters

by Robert on September 9, 2011

For the most part, the average person just has one monitor connected to their computer.  Of course everyone is different, but unless you are heavily involved with computers on a daily basis like someone who works in IT or technical support, you probably don’t see the need for more than one.  Then again, maybe there is a need, especially when you are giving a webinar. 

If you have multiple programs open, like when you are presenting (presentation, webinar platform, etc.), two monitors allows you to separate the programs and open one on each screen.  That way you have both programs full screen in front of you instead of having to click back and forth between them.  Not only can it help your presentation go smoothly, but it can boost your overall productivity and it is better for the environment.  Imagine, instead of printing it out, you can have reference material immediately available on one screen while you work on your report on the other.

If your PC has multiple video inputs it’s easy to set up, just plug both monitors in and Windows should automatically detect both, and you are on your way.  Ramon Ray recently wrote an interesting article on the advantages of two monitors in SmallBizTechnology.com that provides more information and helps walk you through the process.

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