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SEO Expert Steve Wiideman Chooses InstantPresenter

by InstantPresenter on January 21, 2010

On January 14, 2010, Search Engine Optimization expert Steve Wiideman posted a fantastic review of InstantPresenter s Web Conference service, titled Conversions and Great Webinar Software. Wiideman, praises InstantPresenter for great customer assistance and innovative tools, ultimately turning a first-time webinar into a success

It is InstantPresenter’s pleasure to serve customers of Wiideman’s caliber, he has been featured in a number of popular publications including; Response Magazine, CNNMoney.com, FranTrends Magazine and Entrepreneur Magazine. Not to mention, he has released a number of online publications and eBooks on the subject of Search Engine Optimization. His website, Top 10 SEO Tips is a popular destination for people wanting to learn more about SEO.

In the recent article Conversions and Great Webinar Software, Wiideman bulleted several features that made InstantPresenter most impressive, including: easy-to-use surveys, polls, and registration forms, no software installation, High Quality video capabilities, low cost, and excellent customer support. He describes the processes he underwent, including set-up, rehearsal, and execution, and credits InstantPresenter s helpful representatives for a great experience.

Wiideman’s post comments on InstantPresenter s affordability, opening his review with a comparison to Adobe Connect, Yugma Pro, and DimDim. He notes why each of those platforms do not fit his needs, stating nothing invoked the WOW as much as InstantPresenter. In fact, Wiideman graded our software with a firm A+, thanking InstantPresenter for being an unparalleled platform for mind-blowing, visually stimulating, and esthetically flawless webinar software.

On behalf of the InstantPresenter team, we would like to thank Steve Wiideman for choosing us (for life!) to be his Web Conferencing, Webinar, and Webcasting platform. In addition, would like to express our deepest gratitude to Mr. Wiideman for writing about his positive experience, and sharing it with the world. InstantPresenter will continue to provide a premiere turn-key solution, equipped with exceptional customer support and affordable pricing.

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