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Screen Sharing and Recording Upgrades Are Here

by InstantPresenter on April 7, 2011

Screen Sharing Made Easy

When it comes to screen sharing, we’ve made life a little easier.  How did we do this?  Well, we’ve just added text chat notifications that can be seen while presenting.  Now, when giving a presentation in screen sharing mode, you will get a pop-up notification when an attendee asks a question or has a comment.

But wait, there’s more.  With our new Screen Sharing 2.0 plugin, there is now more control when sharing applications.  You can easily change the application being shared by choosing a different one from the system tray.  Attendees won’t be inconvenienced either.  In other words, if you are displaying a presentation through application sharing and need to view something else such as the interface to respond to a text chat or change applications, attendees will still see the current presentation slide paused.

You will also notice that there is less bandwidth utilization when screen sharing and faster screen updates.

Edit Recordings with Ease

Now you can easily edit recorded meetings.  A new editing feature allows you to adjust the start and stop time of a previously recorded meeting.  So now it’s easy to have a clean, crisp recorded meeting and get rid of the parts where there is down time waiting for attendees to join the meeting, and any unwanted conversation at the end.  You can also add bookmarks or cue points to the recording that take viewers to specific points in the meeting that are important.

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