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New Q & A Web Conferencing Tool

by InstantPresenter on March 17, 2009

InstantPresenter released our new Q & A tool this week that creates a more efficient online presentation and allows your moderator a simpler way to navigate through your attendees questions. Our new Q & A tool allows for greater fluidity of your presentations and verifies you have answered all the questions you want to answer and ignore the ones you don’t.

The Q & A tool is found under the Text Chat Tab at the top of the presenters interface and takes the place of the text chat. You can switch between the Text Chat and Q & A tool without losing any texts or questions, but only one of the tools can be displayed at a time. The Q & A tool allows you to manage your questions, mark them as answered or ignored, and lets you arrange or edit the questions for validity. The Q & A tool works in screen sharing mode as well as the new Webcast Interface. You can create your own questions for yourself and also Hide certain questions and answer them later.

The Questions from the Q & A tool are displayed on your recordings, and you can find a log of the online presentation questions in the Chat Log under the “Reports” button for the Presentation Room. If you have any questions about the Q & A tool or would like a demo please feel free to contact us at 1-800-706-6762.

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