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New Features! PDF, Word and Excel Support, Better Screen Control and More!

by InstantPresenter on October 29, 2008

We’ve once again upgraded our application to make things easier, faster and overall better! Check out these great new features.

  • PDF, Word Doc, Excel Support! – Present PowerPoint slides and so much more! Now you can upload and show your audience any PDF documents, Word documents and Excel spreadsheets. Just remember – the way the files print is the way they’ll show up inside your meeting. You can also zoom in to your documents to make sure everyone can see what you’re sharing.
  • Keep Your Audience “Locked In” – We’ve added the ability to lock the display so that your audience sees your presentation exactly the way you see it. Maximize the slide area to focus on your slides, or expand the video window so that everyone can see you better. No matter how you re-size your screen, if you’ve “locked it” then everyone’s screen will re-size that way too. Just click the “Lock View” button!
  • Its Easier to Record Your Meeting – We’ve put the “Record” button right in front, in the Presentation Control module. Just click “Record” to record your meeting.
  • Screen Sharing- Fit to Screen or Actual Size – Now when you start a screen sharing session, your audience members will see it either scaled to fit in their window or in actual size with scroll bars on the sides. This all depends on how large your audience’s screens are, and our software will automatically detect what the best option is for the audience.

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