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New InstantPresenter Account Manager

by InstantPresenter on January 5, 2009

On January 3, 2009, we introduced the new Account Manager. This new Account Manager has the same useful tools but presented with a more “user-friendly” template. All options are still located on the Account Manager page but we designed this interface with an contemporary feel. We have added easier short cuts to all your favorite features and designed a socially pleasing appearance.

We here at InstantPresenter enjoy all facets of website design especially when it correlates to our personal product. When we were percolating potential blueprints for our new Account Manager we took influences from our own lives. We used technology and effects that produce our personal beings. We looked at cell phones, MP3 players, gaming consoles, etc, and developed our foundation.

Our Development Team here is very impressive and can take a few influential ingredients to construct a masterpiece. We are very pleased with our new Account Manager and welcome any personal feedback from our valued clients.

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