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Improved audio and video image quality means crisper conferences

by InstantPresenter on November 4, 2009

At InstantPresenter, we are continually working to provide our customers with the latest technology to ensure our platform delivers the highest quality audio and video. That s why we are thrilled to announce our latest upgrades, which include:

  • An intuitive Presenter Module, which will re-size and change layout based on what is being broadcast.
    • If no presenters are broadcasting, the module will display the Presenter Picture as it was uploaded from the Account Manager.
    • If a presenter is broadcasting only audio, the module will display a smaller, more streamlined audio playback control, and will also display the Presenter Picture from the Account Manager right above it.
    • If a presenter is broadcasting Video and Audio, the module will display the presenter s video, and it will hide the static Presenter Picture.
    • When multiple presenters are broadcasting, the Video presenters will be stacked on top, and all Audio presenters will be stacked at the bottom of the module. In this case, the Presenter Picture stays hidden.
  • An Echo Cancellation algorithm that reduces the amount of echo or feedback that arises when multiple presenters are talking and not all using headsets

In addition, we’ve added other features to ensure the best audio experience:

  • Audio muting in the online meeting when a conference call is enabled. We do this so that there is no confusion about where the audio originated. If a conference call is used, all audio will be from the conference call, so be sure to dial in to the conference call to hear what s going on.
  • Audio files recorded from Integrated Conference Calling will be streamed automatically in the recorded version of the archive.
  • Recordings with multiple presenters broadcasting will play much smoother.

These changes will make it even easier and more intuitive to use InstantPresenter as a complete Web conferencing solution. We look forward to your feedback and hope you enjoy these updates as much as we do. Let us know what you think.

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