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Get Better Results from Your Webinars with a Strong “Call to Action”

by InstantPresenter on March 7, 2012

Call to Action

5 Main Purposes of Webinars:

 Generate Leads
 Increase Sales
 Demo Products
 Hold Client Meetings
 Train Employees

Whatever the initial reason may be to conduct the webinar; ultimately, a presenter’s goal is simple: to get his or her attendees to take a desired action.

Strategically incorporating a prominent call to action into a webinar is a great way to get attendees to take a specific action. Both the presenter and attendees come to a meeting with a purpose in mind. People who signed up for the webinar are looking to gain valuable knowledge to benefit them and their businesses. However, a presenter’s goal may be to generate leads or close a sale for his or her company. By understanding that both parties are looking to gain something from the meeting, presenters must be strategic in their delivery methods – jumping right into selling mode or over selling can turn the audience off. Instead, use the majority of the presentation to deliver the topic that was promised, interact with participants, engage viewers and build interest in the topic. Finally, introduce the call to action when energy level and interest in the topic is highest because the audience is most receptive at this point.

For optimal results, make sure to design a powerful call to action to maximize persuasiveness. Use simple language to communicate a clear message of what specific action should be taken. Below are 3 types of call to action that are most effective in webinars:

Exit URL which will take the attendees to a pre-determined landing page when the presenter clicks on the end broadcast button to end the meeting. The content of the landing page should include a brief “Thank you for attending” note and a call to action. Remember to keep the landing page clean and simple. Below are 5 call to action buttons commonly used in landing pages:

    Free Trial Sign Up
    Buy Now
    Take a Survey
    Newsletter Sign Up
    Visit Company Website

Contact Info, this should be a phone number or email address that the presenter provides to attendees at the end of the webinar and encourages them to contact and make a purchase.

Promo Code, can be provided as an exclusive offer to those who attended the webinar, which attendees could use to redeem at a later time.

Presenters should limit to one or two call to action methods per webinar – having too many within one event could be distracting and can dilute its importance.

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