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Why Webinars Work for Business

by Robert on October 3, 2012

Webinars allow specialists within your company to broadcast what they are good at. They allow you to draw in audiences that you may not otherwise reach by providing specialized training that is directly linked to your service or product.  By broadcasting webinars, you show yourself to be an expert in your niche, which can make your product or service more compelling to the end user.  Not only that, but you have full control over what your consumer learns about your product and what they do with it – you call the shots.

Webinars are also convenient. Attendees tend to gravitate toward webinars due to the ease of attendance. Registrants can attend a webinar from the comfort of their own home or office, as long as they have a reliable internet connection or phone line.

While one of the main purposes of webinars is generating new customers and increasing sales from current customers, you can also generate income by charging for tickets to your webinar.  This may be something to consider if your webinar provides content valuable to your target audience.  Before deciding on the price for your webinar, be sure to spend some time researching what other people are charging for similar webinars in your industry.

Additionally, webinars help you to stay connected with large groups of people.  Surveys and follow up emails after the webinar can help build your list of leads and industry contacts that can help grow your business down the road.  It can also provide insight into what issues concern your target market, and how you might want to address future improvements to your product or service.

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