Earn Money from Your Webinars

So you have a great idea for a webinar, but you don’t want to give your valuable information away for free.  Did you know that InstantPresenter has an integrated PayPal payment system?  It’s easy to use and you can charge attendees to attend your live webinars or to view pre-recorded ones.  To get it started, just enter your PayPal account email and set a price for your online event.

With PayPal, your webinars can work for you, generating revenue and increasing your company’s bottom line.  You can sell your live and recorded events together or separately.  We handle the integration, you just set the price and watch the money start to come in.  You can also provide attendees with discount codes and give custom pricing to different attendee groups.

For more information on integrating PayPal with your InstantPresenter account, visit our PayPal e-Commerce Feature page.  We also have a PayPal Tutorial that is very informative and will help get you started.


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