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Dimdim Users — Need a new home?

by InstantPresenter on January 11, 2011

Here at InstantPresenter, we’ve often received many questions regarding how our features compare to those of Dimdim.  Now that Dimdim is no longer going to be offering service after March 15th, we felt this would be a great time to once again re-iterate how our features compare to Dimdim, and why InstantPresenter is an excellent option for those looking to replace their defunct Dimdim account.

Feature comparison:

  • InstantPresenter is completely browser based, and requires no downloads or setups — just like Dimdim.  This makes it superior to other platforms which require a download, like GoToMeeting or WebEx.
  • InstantPresenter offers live video and audio broadcasting, so that you and your attendees can see and hear each other over the computer — just like Dimdim.
  • InstantPresenter offers screen sharing, so that you can show your attendees anything on your screen — just like Dimdim.
  • InstantPresenter allows the uploading of PowerPoint slides, PDFs, Videos and other documents — just like Dimdim.  However, we go a step above, and preserve any animations that were included in your PowerPoint slides.  Neat!
  • InstantPresenter has text chat, polling, attendee listings, whiteboard tools, Q&A tools, and more — read about all of our web conferencing features here.

Some things that we feel we do better than Dimdim are:

  • Full event management tools, including an automated invitation and reminder system for your webinars
  • Registration forms, which allow you to ask any question of your attendees, store the results and allow you to later export reports to Excel
  • Surveys, which can not only collect information, but also be used as tests because questions can be assigned scores
  • Public profile page, which showcases all of your upcoming public events, and information about yourself and your business
  • Social Network integration, which automatically posts information about your webinars to your Facebook and Twitter pages

So there you have it.  Our customers love our service, and we feel that you — the ex-Dimdim users — will love it too.  Sign up for a free trial, or register for a live demo with one of our web conferencing experts.  We’re happy to welcome you home!

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