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How To Train Your Guest Webinar Presenter

by Robert on January 7, 2013

Imagine this, your company has set up a big webinar and registration for the event has been filled with everyone from the company and many thought leaders from the industry.  You even have a well-known presenter scheduled to give the webinar, which has helped to boost registrations.  Everything is set and the webinar is in less than a week, so I have one last question.  Have you trained your guest webinar presenter?

Too often, we assume that the guest has practiced the presentation and everything will be fine with a quick rehearsal the day before, or a few hours before the webinar is scheduled to start.  While the guest may be well versed in giving the presentation, the guest may not be familiar with the technical aspects of giving a webinar using the chosen platform.

It is important for the presenter to get used to working with the webinar platform and know how to use the basic functions needed to give the presentation.  The guest should also become aware of how the presentation sounds and if any changes in speaking style may be necessary.  Ken Molay provides some great input on this subject in an article he posted recently on The Webinar Blog.

Remember, even if your guest presenter is well versed at giving webinars and the presentation, the presenter may not be familiar with the webinar platform being used.  A little practice in the days before the webinar will help ensure a perfect presentation.





















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