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Webinar Spotlight – The Whiteboard

by InstantPresenter on December 30, 2008

When presenting a webinar, the object is to educate your audience and create an atmosphere which entertains all learning styles. Our vision for creating this experience is to create tools that allow the presenter to customize and personalize his/her webinar. One of our valuable tools that complete this goal is the Whiteboard.

The Whiteboard allows you to be the “John Madden” of your webinar. While you are discussing your topic on your uploaded slides, you can draw attention to specific areas or points. The Whiteboard gives you the feeling of an interactive touch pen and monitor. You can choose the color and size of your markings along with shaped stamps, inserted shapes, text boxes, arrows, lines, and many more.

Below is a presentation with the Whiteboard uploaded: Arrow A points to the Options button where the presenter can select “Show Whiteboard,” Arrow B points to the editing options of the Whiteboard tools, and Arrow C points to the applicable objects and characters available on the whiteboard.

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